A new Artistic Competition where the best aspiring airbrush and street artists battle it out for recognition, prizes ... and the opportunity to step up to


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Artist: Ryan Townsend


Currently in development, The Ultimate BrushOff™ is seeking to showcase the best and brightest new aspiring artistic talent. Are you creative enough to step up and stand out? ... Bold enough to show your style and technique?

We're looking!


All you Airbrush fanatics Get Ready to Paint!

Better keep your nozzles warm! ... the next Ultimate BrushOff will be announced SOON! Look for some announcements and keep an eye as we lead up to SEMA 2017 with the the worlds top airbrush talent.!

The UBO crew has been very busy with finishing the "Airbrush Revolution" documentary and other projects ... but the next Ultimate BrushOff will be happening very soon.

Congratulations to all the winners and our tremendous appreciation for all the incredible artists who submitted.

First Prize

As an example of Ultimate BrushOff's focus on new tools and tech, UltimateBrushOff is working with the most exciting new paint product in airbrushing: "LumiLor", the only patented "electroluminescent" airbrush paint product.

LumiLor glows in the dark using just a tiny battery charge! Aquabase LumiLor "Lights up the Night" and will change the way custom designers and airbrush artists think about painting! The positive reaction from all who have seen this amazing product is overwhelming ... TAKE A LOOK.

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