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Jason Preker
Artist: Jason Preker


Ultimate BrushOffArtists

On the Set of "Airbrush Revolution - A History of Airbrush Art and Beyond"

The WildWeb crew and Ryno at SEMA 2013 shooting "Airbrush Revolution" at the Iwata Wall

Ryno & Gearboxxx at SEMA 2013 shooting "Airbrush Revolution" at the Iwata Wall

Featured Project: Vince Harris

Wall 1: Zoo Mural - Step 1: Underpainting

check out TheUNStarvingArtist Vince Harris's latest mural project in New Jersey ... we'll be featuring more phases of this great project as it unfolds

About Ultimate BrushOff

Currently in development, Ultimate BrushOff™ is seeking the best and brightest artistic talent … Creative enough to stand out ... Bold enough to show their style and technique.

Gearboxx and Ryno at SEMA 2012

Artists can join up with UBO without entering the BrushOff Competitions ... just use the form link below and upload a sample of your work. BUT ... if you want to join in the BrushOff Competitions, please go to our Contest Page.


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This is a challenge without creative bounderies ... testing the artistic range and focus of talented emerging artists to be selected from trials this Fall.


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