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Steve Moran

Artist: Steve Moran

artworkJevon Daly

Artist: Jevon Daly


Get ready for the next level ...
The Ultimate BrushOff
Summer 2017 Challenge

to be announced soon!

Ultimate BrushOff is coming up with some new and exciting challenges. Look for some announcements soon and keep an eye towards SEMA 2017 with all the top airbrush talent.

"Rev It UP" proved the best BrushOff yet ...
With 112 great entrants, the Judges worked hard to decide the Finalists. Believe us ... it wasn't easy!

First Prize: John Huff

Second Prize: Ryan Townsend

Third Prize: Stephen Gibson


Congratulations to all the winners and our tremendous appreciation for all the incredible artists who submitted. Stay tuned and keep your airbrushes ready ... The next Ultimate BrushOff contest is Coming Soon!!

Genuine Iwata

First Prize includes:

Iwata IW 200, Iwata Deluxe Airbrush Set
Craig Fraser Skullduggery template set
LumiLor Electroluminescent Panels

Second Prize includes

Iwata IW 100, Iwata Intro Airbrush Set
Gerald Mendez Texture FX Template set 

2nd Prize

Third Prize includes

Iwata Master HobbySet
Artool Freehand template set

Artists should upload up to 3 photos of a single work of custom airbrushed powersports action design.

Art should be submitted as high resolution digital files. Photos should show entire piece as well as key details. 3D objects, vehicles etc ARE eligible to win the 2013 Summer BrushOff (... We told you we'd get to these!)

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