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Pat Downey

People say paint runs through Pat Downey’s veins.  Pat’s Dad loved hot rod and motorcycle shows and Pat was always by his side.  Pat was intrigued by the colorful paint jobs he saw and was inspired to create his own art. He started airbrushing and pinstriping on his own as a hobby.

Pat enrolled in LaRoche College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1982.  It was at LaRouch that he took formal courses in airbrushing along with his other graphic design and art courses.  It was these courses that drove Pat’s decision to turn his passion into his career.

Pat Downey

With his newly minted Bachelor of Science degree in graphic design and a lot of talent, Pat was hired, right out of LaRoche, by G-Fox, a major retailer.  He was given the position of Assistant Airbrush Illustrator. Pat was quickly promoted to the position of Senior Airbrush Illustrator and Retoucher. He was responsible for creating full color product illustrations as well as photo retouching all accomplished with airbrushing. It was at this time that Pat began to attract his own clientele, which would provide the foundation for making the leap to his own custom paint business.

In 1995, Air Power Art Studio, theairbrushguys.com, opened its doors. Air Power Art Studio is a successful, award-winning, custom painting studio offering custom air brushing, pin striping, painting and design services for a wide variety of medium including automobiles, motorcycles, boats, sporting equipment, clothing, footwear and interior corporate and residential murals. Customers include individuals, celebrities, marketing and promotional firms, plus international corporations such as Dr. Marten’s Airware USA, Tracey Locke, Caterpillar Footwear, March of Dimes, and United Way.

Pat always had a gift for teaching. He began looking for other avenues where he could incorporate teaching into his career and get more involved in custom painting. When Ohio Technical College courted Pat in 2009 to head up the Custom Paint and Graphics program it seemed like the perfect fit. Pat packed up and moved to Cleveland where he began his career at OTC. He has found the opportunity more rewarding than he ever imagined. Pat is energized by the opportunity to share his knowledge and introduce OTC’s students to the world of custom paint and graphics. He is also a major contributor to the design of the curriculum and the state-of-the-art facilities at OTC.  Pat says, “I find that I get the same if not greater satisfaction from seeing our students progress and get excited about painting as I do when producing a project for one of my own customers.  Working at OTC has afforded me the environment to develop and implement new custom painting programs where I can share my knowledge and passion.”

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