A new Artistic Competition where the best aspiring airbrush and street artists battle it out for recognition, prizes ... and the opportunity to step up to



The Ultimate BrushOff
Contest Judges


WildWeb Productions engaged some of the most respected professional airbrush artists in America to judge the online Ultimate BrushOff competitions:

Pat Downey

People say paint runs through Pat Downey’s veins.  Pat’s Dad loved hot rod and motorcycle shows and Pat was always by his side.  Pat was intrigued by the colorful paint jobs he saw and was inspired to create his own art ...

Pete Gonzales

An influential airbrushing talent for many years, Pete's background has included design work for action sports manufacturers, musical instruments and Doc Martin boots ...

Scott MacKay

Scott MacKay of Amesbury, Massachusetts is a winner of numerous awards, the latest being the 2010 House of Kolor Prestigious painter award. For the past Twenty Two years he has worked almost exclusively with an airbrush. The past 11 of these years he has specialized primarily in motorcycle and automotive graphic design and paint.