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Scott MacKay

Scott MacKay of Amesbury, Massachusetts has worked almost exclusively with an airbrush for over 20 years. The past 11 of these years he has specialized primarily in motorcycle and automotive graphic design and paint. Scott has been the recipient of numerous awards for his art, including the House of Kolor Prestigious Painter award. In 2011 he was named the first American Express Blue for Business Rising Star. Across the country, Scott's work regularly takes First Place in categories like Best Paint, People's Choice and Best in Show .

At the core of Scott's Thin Air GraFx is a dedication to creating beautiful show quality art on a moving canvas. Custom paint is not just for cars and motorcycles. Scott has also worked on snowmobiles, corporate vans, and boats ... you name it and he's painted it.

Scott provides exceptional custom airbrush designs across the United States and Europe using the highest quality materials and equipment available. The resulting work is not only technically superior, but combines the beauty of art and machine to create something that surpasses both.

Scott McKay

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